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Explore our FAQ section to unravel the magic behind our services and understand how we aim to bring a mesmerizing coffee enchantment right to your event's doorstep.

  • Why is there a cost to book in some instances?
    The charm of Pour Boy lies in our mobility. While we don't bear the regular overheads of a fixed-location coffee shop, there are unique costs associated with our nomadic nature. Our setup and travel fee helps us manage expenses like our city-required “base of operations” rent, fuel, maintenance, inventory, water, and the ongoing costs of pioneering a fresh approach in the coffee world. This small fee ensures we can continue to offer you premium quality coffee without the premium price tag. This upfront cost allows us to maintain reasonable prices at checkout while still serving you with style and dedication.
  • Is there a guest maximum ?
    While there is no maximum to the number of guests allowed, our current machinery allows us to prepare a maximum of 50 drinks per hour (that’s almost a drink every minute!). Crafting unique beverages - such as a hot, almond milk, white chocolate matcha… or a cold brew with a quad shot and cold caramel foam on top - requires precision and time. We are good at what we do, and we strive to enhance our productivity, in the meantime, we hope you’ll be ok while waiting for your drink — we PROMISE it’ll be worth it!
  • I’m hosting an event, can I just pay for what people drink ?
    In short, yes. Long answer: we can’t guarantee that will be profitable for us! Our setup/travel fee is waivable in certain circumstances. We typically waive it for churches, nonprofits, fundraisers, public markets, and outdoor festivals. Why? The sheer number of attendees or the benevolent nature of these events encourages us to be as accommodating as possible. There are also exceptions for certain venues like apartment complexes, libraries, or other government-funded organizations, depending on the event's location and foot traffic. However, please be aware that if we deem a distance too far for profitability, or the number of projected people is just too low, we reserve the right to decline or refund an online booking, or to charge a full setup/travel fee. We make these decisions with care.
  • How does the Host-Paid Coffee Event work with my budget ?
    Our host-paid coffee event structure is designed with transparency. Events can accommodate a maximum of approximately 50 drinks/hour. Prices quoted on our website are only projections based on sales volumes at previous events. Base quotes are based on our understanding of events and our own limitations. All prices are subject to change depending on your specific needs. Baseline minimums are listed below: For a 1-hour event priced at $200, this equates to 40-45 drinks, which is $200 in sales. 2 hours for $300. At maximum we can make 80-90 drinks (translating to approximately $400 in sales). 3 hours for $400, that’s 120-135 drinks at maximum capacity which would actually amount to closer to $600 in sales. We've structured our rates thoughtfully. For any queries, always feel free to reach out.
  • Is there a guest minimum ?
    There's no minimum number of guests. However, for smaller events, we may require a setup fee or enforce a guaranteed minimum in order to ensure viability.
  • How do I book with Pour Boy ?
    From our HOME page or the BOOKINGS tab, select your preferred service: “On Location Pop Up, “Shared Brew Experience”, or “Prepaid Coffee Event”. Click to learn more, and then follow the BOOK NOW button to pick your date, time, and event type. After, simply provide the necessary details and make a deposit - if required - towards the total booking cost. After your automated confirmation, one of our representatives will message or call you personally to confirm.
  • We agreed to waive setup fees, why do I have to pay a deposit?
    While we might waive the setup fee, the deposit is essential to confirm your commitment! This refundable deposit ensures we can maintain an efficient schedule, free from cancellations. Pop ups require no deposit, so no refund is necessary. Host-paid events where applicable will have deposits credited towards the total amount owed at the end of the event.
  • What if I don’t use all the budget for my event ?
    Our goal is to align our services with your event's needs, which is why we initiate a detailed discussion prior to finalizing. However, if the sales at your event don't match up to the prepaid tiers of $200, $300, or $400, we'll only invoice you for the actual sales generated plus a standard $50 setup/travel fee. This new cost won’t exceed our initial agreement, and won’t ever increase your setup fee. We understand things happen, weather happens, competition happens, cancellations happen… we get it. We hope you’ll keep in mind that we’re a business, too.
  • What if I go over budget at my Host-Paid Coffee Event?
    First off, that's a testament to your event's success! If sales exceed the buffer, you're presented with two choices: we can either halt coffee service at your designated budget or we can continue serving, and you'll be invoiced for the extra consumption after the event. You get to decide!
  • How are fees and deposits calculated ?
    Our setup fee is carefully determined based on a combination of factors. This includes the distance we'll travel to reach your event, the duration of the event, the expected footfall, and the specific services you opt for. Each factor plays a role in the operational costs for that particular event, from fuel to manpower to ingredients. We've streamlined our pricing to be as transparent and fair as possible, ensuring both quality service and maximum affordability. As always feel free to reach out if you have questions about the fee for your specific event – we're here to help and make your Pour Boy experience seamless.

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