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Unleash your inner maverick with our "Shoot Your Inhibitions" unisex tri-blend tee. This sleek black shirt is designed for those who color outside the lines, featuring Pour Boy's iconic white-gloved hand reshaped into a smoky finger gun - a nod to our beloved retro animation style. Below the striking image, the word "Bang" is inscribed, igniting a spark of playful rebellion.

This tee caters to the creative souls, the trendsetters, the environmental trailblazers. Its contrasting white print against a stark black backdrop creates a chic monochrome palette that fits any artistic mood. The dynamic design is not just fashion, it's a statement of audacity, individuality, and unapologetic expression.

Ideal for the independent innovators, our "Shoot Your Inhibitions" tee embodies the spirit of this generation - daring, socially conscious, and ever-evolving. Whether you're a street art connoisseur, an independent filmmaker, or a coffeehouse poet, this shirt lets you wear your passion with pride.

Rock it at a local gig, an art exhibit, or while sipping a fair-trade coffee - its edgy charm is bound to start conversations. The "Shoot Your Inhibitions" tee is more than a wardrobe choice, it's a lifestyle. Express your bold spirit and inspire the world around you.

Shoot Your Inhibitions, Unisex Tri-Blend Crew Tee

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