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"Step into the enchanting world of Boobrewville with our spellbinding 24 x 36 poster, "The Curse of the Caramel Knight." Unveil the whimsical tale as the Caramel Knight, with a head made of a delicious caramel apple, brandishes his sweet scepter and gallops forth on his caramel-armored horse, spreading a swirl of sugary mystery. The ominous castle looms in the background, casting a spell of excitement and spookiness.

Chief Crema, Detective Espresso, Barista Bella, Lily Latte, and the legendary Pour Boy find themselves in a caffeinated conundrum, running for their beans from the haunting vestige of the Caramel Knight. Each character exudes their unique charm, fear, and determination, creating a captivating tableau of fantastical adventure.

Feel the rush of suspense as you witness the caramel cascade and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeating the air. This poster is not just a visual delight but an immersive journey into a world where coffee and magic collide.

Perfect for imaginative coffee enthusiasts, this poster is a delightful addition to your coffee nook, a conversation starter for coffee shop walls, or a unique gift for those who savor the fantastical blend of coffee and whimsy. Brew up your imagination and dive into "The Curse of the Caramel Knight," where every sip is an adventure!"

Discover one of the best ways to print art on paper and bring it to life, the premium satin poster. Each poster is made with 300gsm, resin-coated inkjet photo paper - a pro photographer's favorite due to its heftiness and robust nature that surpasses in durability mass-market photo papers. Available in multiple sizes, for indoor use only.

.: Professional-level 300gsm satin paper
.: Horizontal and vertical options
.: Available in 7 different sizes
.: Low-glare finish
.: NB! For indoor use

Curse of the Caramel Knight - Premium Poster

SKU: 16290532129934290756
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